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Karsu DÖNMEZ - yeni


Karsu is a multi-talent; she is not only a pianist, but also a composer, arranger, lyricist and a singer with a beautiful voice. She performed on many local and international stages, including the Amsterdam Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, North Sea Jazz Festival, Istanbul Jazz Festival and twice at the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York. Although she has written many songs in her short live, she has been waiting a long time to bring out her debut album. But it is a fact: her debut album ‘Confession’ is out now!

It is clear from a very early age that Karsu has music running through her veins. As a child, she is fascinated by piano music. “I saw these pianists on TV with long, flowing hair, professor Einstein-like types – I thought they were really cool and I loved the melodies they were playing,” explains Karsu her love for this particular musical instrument. When she gets her own piano at seven, she immediately starts taking lessons. It doesn’t take long for her to be able to play classical pieces of Chopin, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven in addition to traditional Turkish songs and modern jazz songs. With singing, she begins accidentally at a school contest. Karsu’s voice turns out to be very distinguishing for such a young girl: she sounds mature, inspired and powerful. Closing your eyes and listening to her voice you would think she is a big old jazz mama from New Orleans.

At fourteen, Karsu starts performing professionally, for the first time at her fathers’ restaurant Kilim in Amsterdam. Later both small and large stages follow. More and more people begin to notice her unusual talent. The Netherlands American Community Trust invites Karsu to perform at Carnegie Hall, New York. The Dutch media picks up on this and Karsu becomes a welcome guest in a number of prime time TV-shows. She gets invitations of more places to perform: Indonesia, Germany, Belgium, Suriname, Great Brittan and Turkey. Her first musical tour in 2011-2012 was a big success: Concertgebouw was sold out. The Turkish media could not stay behind: one of the most popular TV-shows ‘Seffaf Oda’, with presenter Guneri Givaoglu, invited Karsu to perform at his program. Karsu travels now frequently to perform in Turkey at (jazz)festivals.

Karsu’s new album Confession is a delight for whom like jazzy/poppy sounds. Just like her first live recording CD ‘Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ’ Karsu mixed jazz, blues, funk and ethnic influences. In this studio recording album ‘Confession’, Karsu has chosen for more light jazz with a touch of pop and Turkish influences. Her repertoire has become more cheerful and her songs are more mature.

Documentary KARSU…Director and Golden Kalf winner Mercedes Stalenhoef followed Karsu from her 17th on her musical journey. From restaurant KILIM where she began to play till Carnegie Hall in New York and everything in between happened. The results are impressive: the IDFA jury nominated this film for the competition in the category Music 2012.

Because of her stunning looks, beautiful voice and extraordinary piano playing, Karsu has proved that the World has a musical super talent. This young woman knows how to enchant everyone. International fame won’t take long anymore!