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Tango Extremo biography

Tango Extremo brings a distinctive flavour to the passion and persuasion of the Argentine Tango. The ensemble which is under the direction of the young violinist Tanya Schaap is not a standard tango orchestra. The line-up is slightly unusual (with the add of soprano saxophone) The group combines musical styles which are very diverse. The best way to describe it is an exciting mixture of classical, jazz, improvisation and Brazilian music) but of course, the starting point remains the tango!

Since their foundation in 2003, the ensemble has made remarkable development. Besides being very well known on all bigger and smaller venues in homeland The Netherlands, the group has also performed in many countries across the world, such as Argentina, Uruguay, China, Russia, Kurdistan, South Africa, Botswana, Venezuela , Colombia, Ecuador, Dutch Antilles, South Korea, as well as in Europe in countries such as Spain, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, Turkey, Croatia, Germany, France and Switzerland.

In August 2009 they were invited as the only non-Argentinean orchestra to play at the most prestigious Tango Festival in the world: The Buenos Aires Tango Festival in Argentina.


Tanya Schaap violin and artistic leader
Ben van den Dungen soprano saxophone
Rob van Kreeveld piano
Hans van der Maas accordion
Alessio Bruno double bass


- ‘El Silencio' (Munich Records, Sundisc (Taiwan), 2003)
- ‘Una Cosa Diferente' (Munich Records, Sundisc (Taiwan), 2004
- ‘Érase una vez..' (Maxanter Records The World Series), 2007
- ‘Carnaval de Buenos Aires’ (Maxanter Records The World Series), 2008
- ‘Fantango’ ( JWA Jazzrecords), 2011
- ‘Toujour bizarre ( JWA Jazzrecords), 201
- ‘ DeLaMar LIVE’ ( JWA Jazzrecords), 2012


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About the members:

Tanya Schaap

Violinist Tanya Schaap studied classical music at the conservatory of Amsterdam and after that she got interested in tango music. She went to Buenos Aires, Argentina and studied with Fernando Suarez Paz, the violinist of Astor Piazzolla’s ‘Quinteto Tango Nuevo’ and Pablo Agri. Since 2008 she is violinist at the Argentinean all star orchestra ‘Cafe de los Maestros’. With this orchestra she has been touring in France, Greece and the UK.

Ben van den Dungen

Saxophonist Ben van den Dungen has been one of Europe’s top Jazz-and Latin musicians since the last 25 years. Ben has musically always taken a very wide stand, has had an eclectic background, having played in several Latino orchestras. Ben studied Indian music with several teachers in Mumbai. Saxophonist Ben van den Dungen teaches saxophone at the Jazz department of the conservatory of Rotterdam and has been giving masterclasses at universities all over the world.

Rob van Kreeveld

Pianist Rob van Kreeveld can easily be seen as Holland’s number one Jazz pianist. He is what one calls a real ‘musician musician’. Rob has been travelling all over the globe with his music and played with Jazzlegends like Stan Getz. He is professor at the Royal academy of music in The Hague and guest lecturer at the conservatories of a.o. Boston and Helsinki.

Hans van der Maas

Hans van der Maas studied accordion with Miny Dekkers at the Rotterdam Conservatory. Following that he followed arranging- and composing classes with Bernard van Beurden. Furthermore he studied orchestral direction with Arie van Beek and Heinz Friesen and continued those studies in Vienna, studying with Julias Kalmar and in The Hague with Lev Markiz. Since the foundation of Tango Extremo in 2003, Hans has been the steady accordionist.

Alessio Bruno

Doublebass player, educated in both classical and jazz studies, attended Conservatory Vecchi-Tonelli in Modena and Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He operates as a professional player in many different contexts, ranging from jazz clubs to classical orchestras.

He’s always been interested in learning and exploring different musical languages, and within this to develop the potential and the sonority of such beautiful instrument as the double bass.