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German Lopez Biyografi

The timple is, without a doubt, the most significant instrument of the Canary Islands, linked for many years with canarian folk music. However more than fifteen years ago a group of musicians began to experiment alternative sounds with it, consisting mainly on including this instrument’s timbre into sound ranges typical of other musical styles and cultures.

Germán López, with his timple, tries to continue with the work that over the years great timple players like José Antonio Ramos or Benito Cabrera have done.

In 2006 he released his first solo CD: “Timplissimo”. At the end of 2007 Womad set an eye on the young musician and asked him to be part of that year’s festival program held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Since then he has kept on touring the islands, and performing many times in mainland Spain in different events such as the Zaragoza International Exhibition (2008), the Vic’s Live Music Market and Womad Cáceres 2014 just to mention a few of them.

The musical project that Germán leads is based in the inclusion of the timple in styles like folk, jazz, world music, classical music, funky, flamenco, ... through his own compositions and some covers of his musical heroes. “De Raíz” (“From the roots”) is the brand new recording of Germán López.

He has performed with great artists and bands such as Pancho Amat, Milladoiro, Troveros de Asieta, Jorge Pardo, Mestisay, Celina Pereira, Sidiki Diabaté, Andreas Prittwitz, The Lost Fingers, Nancy Vieira, Taburiente and many others.

The involvement in festivals around the world from all kinds of music guarantee the possibilities of the timple as a solo instrument and his inclusion in practically any music style. That doesn’t mean turning our back to the musical tradition of the instrument. It’s just part of the evolution of it.

The timple

Of all the hypotheses that exist about the origin of the “timple”, the most widely accepted is that which relates it directly to the european baroque guitar, smaller than the classical guitar and with five strings.

From the baroque guitar, other small guitars known as “travel guitars” started to become popular in many parts places. The timple has relatives near him around the world, including the “cuatro” from Venezuela, the “charango” from Andean countries, the “cavaquinho” from Portugal or Brazil, or the hawaiian “ukelele”.

The “timple” is the representative musical instrument of the Canary Islands. In fact, for many years it has been used only as an accompanist in folk music. However, in recent years, musicians like Germán López have made it a solo instrument able to perform in different musical styles such as world music, jazz and flamenco.