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The Perfume of Asia Minor

The Perfume of Asia Minor | Anadolu Kokusu

Academician Mehtap Demir who is Ethnomusicologist, folk music singer and Turkey’s only women violin bow player, reminds musical wealth of Asia Minor.

New album study of Mehtap Demir, who presents Turkey’s folk music culture to the world in her international music performances, “The Perfume of Asia Minor” consists of urban folk songs from Capadocia to Thesaloniki from İstanbul to İzmir that you will hear for the first time.

Mehtap Demir’s selection archive of 19 art pieces that carry musical and rythmic wealth out of gramophone records, dusty notes, meets you with Ahenk Müzik label.

Folk songs of Asia Minor left from 1900’s to us, while surrounding our spirit like a calming perfume, are blended with Anatolia’s archaic cultural riches in our ears.

“The Perfume of Asia Minor” carrying the feature of being reference album and resource with its distinct repertory from Canto to Waltz, from Zeibek to Welcoming, will remind you the Cafe Aman and Cafe Chantant culture of old harbor cities…

Album accompanied by many precious musicians besides valuable musicians Göksel Baktagir, Yurdal Tokcan and Nikos Tatasapoulos; will take place also in music racks outside Turkey with the names; Le Parfum d'Asie Mineure in French and The Perfume of Asia Minor in English.